Salting Canton MI

Greg’s Snow Removal LLC is the company you can count on for plow service and snow removal in Canton MI. But after the snow melts, most companies will want to ensure that their parking lots, sidewalks and walkways are safe for their employees and customers to walk on. That is where our salting service and ice management comes in. We know that you want those entering your business to have an easy walk especially on those frigid winter days which is why our highly-trained crews will come through and salt your entire lot before your doors open. Just like our snow plowing in Canton MI, we guarantee to complete this service before you open.

There are various spots that may require salting and ice management. Our services can include:
•    Parking Lots
•    City Sidewalks
•    Interior Sidewalks
•    Walkways
•    Aisleways
•    Entranceways

It was not too long ago that there was a salt shortage in the metro Detroit area due to a considerable amount of consistent snow. This shortage led to many snow removal companies unable to salt properly after proving their plow service and, therefore, they were unable to fulfill their duties. At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we purchase our salt independently to guarantee that we will always have enough salt to cover all of our clients’ needs for the whole season. If we don’t have to worry about running out of salt then your expectations of a cleared and clean lot will be met.

As a reputable commercial snow plowing company, we have the highest level of equipment and vehicles in our company. For snow plowing in Canton MI we have well-maintained vehicles, for snow removal in Canton MI we have a fleet of dump trucks and loaders, and for ice management to tackle freezing rain or a foot of melting snow, we have salters and the right equipment to lay down calcium chloride on walkways so that all the paths are slip-free.

When it comes to providing ice management, we use calcium chloride on the walkways and sidewalks as opposed to salt because:
•    No chipping – Calcium chloride won’t chip the sidewalks
•    No stains – As the floor mats in your car can attest, salt can stain. Calcium chloride on walkways means the carpets in your offices or apartments won’t get stained.
•    No mess – One of the first things someone does once they step into the office is bang or wipe their feet on the floor to rid their shoes and boots of snow. This could lead to unsightly salt at your front door – not with calcium chloride.

With Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, you will never have to worry about the job not being completed. When you put vehicles through constant abuse of bad weather and plowing, issues may arise. However, when you are searching for reliable snow plow companies, recognize that our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment means that, even in the unlikely event that we were to have a break down, we still have plenty of vehicles on hand to take care of the snow and ice in your lot.

Many businesses like strip malls that need commercial snow plowing or apartment complexes use our ice management service to completely take care of their property. We have a longstanding reputation of being on-time and providing a high level of service. When your employees arrive in the morning, we will make sure they make it from their cars to the front doors safely.

No job is too big or too small. From a small supply company needing their trucks to ship out their goods to a major shopping complex with thousands of visitors and employees entering and exiting throughout the day, we have the experienced crew and equipment to ensure that job is completed.

Are you researching snow removal companies or require snow plowing in Canton MI, our seasonal contracts mean you are covered when the snow falls. We will sit down and create a plan of how to proceed with pushing the snow away or removing it entirely and follow it up with the proper level of ice management to deal with the ice and slush.

Many companies over the years renew their contracts with us because they know we deliver on our services just as we promise. These contracts also mean they do not have to search for snow removal companies at the beginning of the season and their accounting department can budget appropriately.

Salting and ice management is critical for apartment complexes and condos. Residents need to be able to get out of their parking spots and head to work first thing in the morning even after a heavy snowfall. These complexes throughout the metro Detroit area have chosen Greg’s Snow Removal over other snow plow companies because of our history of providing reliable plow service which is followed up with the appropriate level of ice management so their residents can feel safe leaving their homes.

Give Greg’s Snow Removal LLC a call for a free estimate and see how we can prepare you and your business for any kind of winter that could hit Canton or the metro Detroit area.