Snow Plowing Canton MI

Regardless of the amount of snow that is falling, you can trust Greg’s Snow Removal LLC to keep your parking lots and entranceway cleared. When you need snow plowing in Canton MI, give us a call. Our team of dedicated professionals will help keep your lots cleared so your employees and customers can easily make it into your business.

There is no one single way we take care of your commercial snow plowing needs. We sit down with each of our customers and discuss what they want done and create a step by step plan so that they know what to expect when our trucks come through. Generally, plow service is not really needed until after an inch of two of snow has fallen. At this point, most snow plow companies hit the roads and start pushing away the freshly fallen white stuff.

When we speak with our customer about our commercial snow plowing service, here are a few areas we cover:
•    Parking lots – Most companies want plowing after 1.5 inches but we can come sooner or later depending on what you would like.
•    Aisleways – If there are cars in the parking lot, we can help keep the aisleways cleared and return to take care of the whole lot once the cars are gone.
•    Sidewalks – Depending on the amount of sidewalk on your property, there are some companies who opt out of this service simply because it’s a quick job they can take care of themselves; others want it included.
•    Entranceway – We plow early and before your employees arrive. Sometimes the city plows may push the snow from the street against your entranceway which may require us to return. No problem.

When it comes to plowing all this snow, we have to put it somewhere. This is also discussed when we initially meet with you. We will be able to determine the best spot to push the snow to so it remains out of the way and won’t burden your customers. Depending on the lot size and if you are fenced in, we may have to remove the snow. On major snowfalls when we have more than 6 inches from one storm having snow removal in Canton MI will be beneficial to your company’s operations because at this point it can really start to pile up high. Don’t worry about contacting snow removal companies; we have the equipment to remove snow from the property as well.

We like to be thorough and we do not want your business affected by the snow more than it needs to be. If there is more than a 1.5 inches on your property we will keep returning until the job is complete. That is why we make our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are we guarantee our services 100%.

Once your business has closed for the day, as part of our snow plowing in Canton MI plan, we will come back and salt so that any leftover snow and slush can melt and dry before your employees return the next morning. Our ice management ensures the slippery and dangerous spots are managed properly.

As with many snow plowing companies and snow removal companies, we offer per-push contracts and seasonal contracts. We have often found that seasonal contracts are ideal for businesses looking to budget and need to know the exact amount spent on plow service.

Some industries we help out regularly include:
•    Warehouse and shipping – Because trucks need to be stocked and sent off, there are companies that require no more than two inches of snow be on their lot. We understand that if the trucks stop, the line stops and you lose money. You can trust Greg’s Snow Removal LLC to help keep operations going.
•    Nursing homes – Having a safe and cleaned lot after it snows is critical. Ambulances need to be able to make it through the entranceway and right up to the doors.
•    Shopping complexes – Who wants to push shopping carts through wet and heavy snow? We can keep the lots cleared so your customers can visit your stores.

When it comes to finding ideal snow removal companies or snow plow companies, many Canton area residents have chosen Greg’s Snow Removal LLC for our excellent customer service and our ability to take care of their business needs. When snowstorms roll through metro Detroit and inches are adding up, it is not uncommon for us to plow their properties 2, 3 or even 4 times throughout a storm. We are committed to keeping your employees and customers safe and to having your lots cleaned so business can run as usual.

We started service in 1991 with one truck and now we have a variety of vehicles and equipment on hand that is well-maintained and outfitted with the best technology to help us handle any job. As a well-established company providing snow removal in Canton MI, we are reliable and have continued to gather customers due to great word of mouth.

Are you in need of commercial snow plowing? Greg’s Snow Removal LLC is the one for your commercial or industrial property regardless of the size of the lot, walkways and sidewalks. Give us a call to learn more about our snow plowing in Canton MI services and our reasonable pricing that is sure to keep the accounting department happy.