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Since 1991, Greg’s Snow Removal LLC has been providing reliable and timely services to commercial and industry companies in Farmington Hills and the surrounding area. For businesses operating in Farmington Hills who are searching for commercial snow removal and snow plowing companies, we have the reputation of providing great service at an affordable price.

Farmington Hills is a great community located in Oakland County and is the home of many thriving businesses. Originally settled in the 1820’s, Farmington Hills was originally established as just Farmington until the late 1950’s when Farmington and Farmington Hills officially split. The post offices that were established were originally for East Farmington and North Farmington but neither one stuck; East Farmington’s post office closed in 1842; North Farmington’s post office closed in 1902. Slowly, the area now known as Farmington Hills grew as more folks settled down here and it now boasts over 80,000 residents.

There are many historic sites throughout Farmington and Farmington Hills including the Longacre House which was a Victorian home built in 1869. This beautiful home situated off of Farmington Road exists as a venue for events in Farmington Hills including community programs and even weddings. One of Michigan’s governors, Governor Fred Warner was from Farmington and his mansion is still in use as a museum and a venue for events. It is located right off of Grand River.

Farmington Hills has plenty of snow to deal with in the wintertime. 32 inches of snow fall on average every year so our plows and equipment are kept busy helping to keep industrial areas and commercial properties in good shape. We also take care of apartment and condo complexes so Farmington Hills residents are able to head off to work or school in morning.

If a major snow storm rolls through and school is cancelled, there are plenty of activities for the kids once the roads are cleared. Sledding hills at Heritage Park and off of Shiawassee Road are filled with kids in the winter looking to speed down the slopes and the Farmington Hills Ice Arena is a 70,000 square foot facility with two ice arenas and plenty of open skates. It is also worth taking the kids to Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. This arcade was listed in the World Almanac’s 100 most unusual museums in the United States. Along with its dozens of coin-operated arcade games, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum also is home to the oldest gypsy fortune telling machine in the United States.

Heritage Park is open all year long and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who won’t let the frigid winters slow them down. Whether it is sledding or cross-country skiing in the winter months, taking the kids to the Splash Pad to cool down in the summer or enjoying a hike along the trails when it is warm outside, Heritage Park is filled with plenty to do for folks of all ages.

As Greg’s Snow Removal LLC has worked with many Farmington Hills businesses over the years, we have been able to watch this community evolve and change. While we have the ability to remove snow from major industrial properties, we also work with many smaller companies like nursing homes to ensure visitors, employees and emergency vehicles can arrive with ease even during a major snowstorm. Every moment is critical so plowing and salting the lot, providing ice management to the walkways and coming back to clear the entranceway once the city or county plow clears the main roads are just some of the services we can provide to the many nursing homes, senior communities and medical centers in and around Farmington Hills that depend on snow removal companies.

There are also many beautiful condo and apartment complexes in Farmington Hills. We have a reputable history of keeping these types of lots clean so residents can head out and come back at all hours and expect to have a clean path to their door. By using salt and calcium chloride on the icy and slushy spots, we can add an extra level of safety and reassurance for residents and visitors.

We use calcium chloride on walkways for many reasons. As a business in Farmington Hills, you probably would prefer not to have salt dragged into the lobby of your office causing a mess and stains. Calcium chloride is easy to clean up and will not stain. We generally use salt in the parking lots to reduce ice and slush. There was one year that we were receiving far greater than the average snowfall we usually get in Farmington Hills and the area was suffering from a salt shortage. Ever since then, we buy our own salt and store it so you can always expect to have a properly salted lot – guaranteed.

We guarantee all our work. Whether you have a seasonal contract or pay per-push, we promise to deliver on what you expect. If we need to return more than a few times, we will keep coming back until the job is done. Having worked with businesses in Farmington Hills, we find that good word of mouth continues to drive our success. We are happy to serve Farmington Hills and many other communities in the metro Detroit area.

If you require a commercial snow plowing service then give Greg’s Snow Removal LLC a call today!