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Garden City is a small community located near Dearborn, Livonia and Westland. As a Detroit suburb in southeast Michigan, Garden City certainly receives its fair share of snow when the winter months roll into town. Even the spring time just when we think the cold weather is behind us, we get that late storm that brings icy and snowy conditions. Regardless of when it snows you can trust Greg’s Snow Removal LLC to keep your parking lot plowed and sidewalks clear of ice.

Garden City has an interesting history dating back to the early 19th century when a man bought 160 acres of land from President Andrew Jackson. The year was 1835 and Jackson was in the final years of his presidency – the area became known as the Straight Farm House and Property. The farm house on this property still exists and dates back over 150 years; it is currently where the Garden City Historical Museum is located. The museum is a great place to see Garden City’s history and the origins of this charming community.

Garden City is actually named after the ‘garden city’ concept that was popular in England during this time. The garden city was designed with home sites broken off into one-acre sections ideal for small farms. While these small farms thrived growing various fruits and vegetables, it was not until nearly 100 years later in 1935 that Garden City became an actual incorporated city. Garden City was also the first McDonald’s location in the entire state of Michigan to have a dine-in option.

Downtown Garden City has shops and restaurants worth checking out and a Chili Cook-off to help bring the community together for a fun competition. In the summertime there are concerts and in the wintertime there is the famous Santaland Parade. This event is a famous tradition in Garden City dating back to the early 1960s and, whether it is snowing heavily or just cool November morning, residents from all over head out to watch the beginning of the holiday season roll into town with Santa at the helm.

Winters are not always fun but Greg’s Snow Removal LLC can make it easier on businesses who require cleared parking lots. Garden City receives on average 33 inches of snow every season which can mean a lot of late nights and early mornings ensuring your business can operate normally. With our 24/7 service, we can plow snow to a designated spot in your parking lot in order to open up parking spots for employees and customers. We will then lay down salt to help melt the ice and slush. Many industrial and commercial properties in Garden City may have a fence making it challenging to manage snow, especially when we get a storm dropping 6 inches of snow and we can’t plow it beyond the fence. No worries though, we have loaders and dump trucks to remove the snow entirely out of your lot.

For apartment complexes and condos in Garden City, you can rely on us to keep the sidewalks clean so residents feel safe heading to their cars in the morning. We can also return to finish up the areas we could not reach because of the parked cars.

Garden City is located only about 15 miles from the heart of downtown Detroit making it a great place to call home for those who want to be near the city so they can catch a sporting event, concert or enjoy a night out. Many folks commute into the city for work and find the drive homes not too challenging.

Garden City is just under 6 square miles in size and has a population of nearly 28,000 residents. There are also many businesses in Garden City that may require commercial snow plowing services. From car dealerships on the west side of the city to the Garden City Hospital on the east side, businesses are thriving here in Garden City. Our company has provided snow plowing and ice management to medical facilities and nursing homes which need constant monitoring so that emergency vehicles can make it in and out without any hassle. We take our jobs very seriously and understand how even minimal amounts of snow can have a large impact on necessary services like ambulances needing reliable roads to make it from the entranceway from the street to the emergency room doors. After a snowfall, the city and county plows may come through sending a large pile of chunky snow at the entranceway of these properties which can make it difficult get through. At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we will always be able to return to take care of this added snow so you will not have to worry about it.

Is your Garden City business in need of dependable and affordable snow plow services? Contact Greg’s Snow Removal LLC for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can help you.