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Livonia is a large and vibrant community with tree-lined subdivisions and thriving businesses. In the wintertime, managing these streets can be daunting and businesses often have to contend with snow-filled parking lots and icy sidewalks. With Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we can have your Livonia commercial or industrial property clean and ice-free before your employees arrive in the morning for work. Whether you require a small strip mall cleared, an apartment complex safely plowed or a parking lot completely void of snow so your trucks can keep things moving, you can rely on our services.

Livonia is in an ideal metro Detroit location making it easy for those commuting to downtown Detroit or other southern or western suburbs. With its humble begins in the early 19th century, Livonia was settled by pioneers from New England and New York and brought along the name from cities already established in New York and Pennsylvania. Although predominately agriculture, Livonia grew its population size considerably thanks to the auto industry. Just after World War II General Motors built an automatic transmission plant in the city and Ford built a parts depot. The Ford Transmission Plant was opened in 1952 and remains active to this day.

The Ford Transmission Plant is fenced in making plowing snow a challenge especially when supply trucks need to enter and exit and workers need spots to park in. With a snow removal company like Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, properties like these in Livonia will be able to have the snow hauled away so it is not piling up on one end of the lot. We use well-maintained loaders and dump trucks to completely remove the snow and then salt to take care of slush and ice.

The Livonia Spree takes place in the final week of June and is a weeklong birthday party commemorating the founding of the city. Taking place at Ford Field in Livonia, the Spree is a family-friendly event featuring activities for people of all ages, amazing food, live music, a carnival and an incredible fireworks show on the final night.

Livonia has also had the distinguished honor of being visited by six U.S. presidents: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

There is never a lack of activity in Livonia. Whether it’s wintertime or the dog days of summer, residents head outdoors to play in the yard, head out shopping or to the movies. There are many restaurants, both nationwide chains and family-owned, worth dining at as well as two movie theaters, a mall, and a Dave & Buster’s so there is no lack of things to do for folks of all ages. But for those who want to be outdoors regardless of the weather, there are sledding hills and cross-country ski trails in nearby communities and a hop onto the freeway gets you downtown for a Red Wings or Lions game in almost no time.

After the first snowfall of the year and Livonia gets used to the road conditions, there are activities that folks from all over participate in. For instance, at Greenmead Historical Park there are plenty of great holiday themed activities such as a visit with Santa and a Christmas Walk where everyone can enjoy the day seeing the homes decorated for the season.

Livonia is located less than 20 miles from the heart of downtown Detroit where many commuters head to work and residents throughout the area attend Detroit Tigers games, Red Wings games and Lions games as well as plays and concerts at the Fox Theater or just to hang out near the River Walk or get fresh flowers at Eastern Market.

25 miles to the west is Ann Arbor which Livonia residents who are University of Michigan fans will head to for Saturday college games or just to roam around the downtown area checking out the boutique stores or the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Livonia is home to Joey’s Comedy Club which brings in lots of great talent from all over the country. There’s also a bar where folks can meet up with friends. When it comes to managing the parking lot in the winter time, bars and night clubs need to rely on a snow plowing company to keep their lots clean so patrons can easily walk from their cars to the front doors. Dressed up for a night out means customers may be rushing in to avoid the cold. By putting down the proper amount of salt and calcium chloride we can help ensure your customers make it inside safely. Our 24/7 service means you can expect us even at 2am when bars generally begin shutting down and customers are heading home.

If you are a business owner in Livonia in need of reliable snow plow, snow removal and ice management, give Greg’s Snow Removal LLC a call to set up a free estimate and to discuss how we can take care of your property in the wintertime.