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Northville has a charming small downtown with beautiful Victorian-era homes leading into a Main Street filled with specialty stores and restaurants as well as a theater and an art gallery. For Northville residents and visitors, this area is very walkable which is great in the summertime when folks want to be outdoors enjoying the warm weather and cool evenings. In the wintertime though, the snow and ice can cause issues especially on the sidewalks which need to be cleaned and ice-free. Greg’s Snow Removal LLC knows all about clearing snow and managing ice and how to make it safe for people rushing from their cars to the indoors when the biting winds are howling through town.

At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we have been providing commercial snow plowing, snow removal and ice management since 1991. Serving Northville and many communities in metro Detroit, businesses have relied on our services to keep their stores open by ensuring that their walkways are cleared and their parking lots are plowed.

Northville was originally settled in 1825 when settlers from New York began purchasing land in this area. In fact, many of the streets throughout the city are named after these early settlers including Thayer Blvd., Yerkes St., and Cady St. Northville was incorporated as a village in 1867 and it was not until 1955 when Northville officially became a city.

Globe Furniture Factory was one of the major employers in the 1800’s but what really helped to drive traffic to Northville and build up the city was Henry Ford’s decision to open a valve plant which provided valves for every model of Ford, Mercury and Lincoln for nearly 50 years. The factory had shut down though in the 1980’s and has since become office spaces. It is major commercial complexes like the old factory area that benefits from our snow removal services. Often fenced in with trucks that need to load and unload there is always an issue with plowing snow because we have to pile it which takes up precious lot space. Many of these industrial properties need us to haul snow away so we use our dump trucks and loaders to remove it from the property then salt to help melt the ice and slush.

Winter activities have always been popular in Northville including before it was ever urbanized when skiers had land where they could compete. With Maybury State Park and Cass Benton Park within the city kids will have hills they can sled on and adults can carve through the landscape as they cross-country ski along the trails.

Since 1944, Northville Downs, located in Downtown Northville, has provided live horse racing and was famously where Joe Louis had trained in 1939. Outfitted with a simulcast system, you can place bets on over 375 races around the country.

Downtown Northville hosts plenty of great festivals all throughout the year including their Christmas Parade and Chili and Salsa Cook Off in January accompanied by ice carving. Once the parking lots have reached capacity, residents park along the tree lined streets filled with historic homes that add charm and a rich heritage that are admired as they walk toward the main street area.

As you head to the east side of Northville, you leave the downtown area and the residential streets behind and you reach the more commercial areas. Complete with book stores, grocery stores, and big box stores along Haggerty Road, Northville residents can get all their shopping needs met. All along Haggerty Road with Northville on the west side and Livonia on the east side, there are plenty of entertainment options, stores, dining choices and spots to grab a cup of coffee to warm up on the cold winter days. Shopping complexes add another layer of complexity to snow plowing especially when it snows during operating hours. At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC we can clear the aisleways and, in the evening once businesses close and shoppers head home, we will return to finishing clearing the parking spaces and laying down salt so that the next morning business can go on as usual. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we stand by our commitment to provide the best service possible.

One of the staples in Northville community is the Parmenter’s Cider Mill. Fresh cider and delicious donuts await eager kids and adults every fall. Parmenter’s originally opened in 1873 and boasts being the oldest continuously operating business in Northville. They are also home to Northville Winery and Brewing Company.

For students, the education system is excellent. Northville High School, the only high school in the city, has a lot to brag about – they are continuously being recognized as one of the best schools in the entire country and acknowledged as one of the best in Michigan.

When it comes to commuting to work, Northville is close to major freeways making it easier to get downtown or across town without much hassle. Downtown Detroit is 30 miles away to the southeast and Ann Arbor is only 20 miles to the southwest. Even in the wintertime, the commutes to these areas are not too bad so long as the roads are kept clean. The cities and counties plow the streets fairly well which, as nice as that it, can cause an additional headache to business owners. The plows push the snow along the entranceway to businesses making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for shoppers, employees or trucks to enter with ease. We can include the additional removal of this snow even after we have left the premises. We are happy to return to keep these running smoothly for you. Removing this often slushy and chunky snow is especially crucial for nursing homes and medical buildings that may need emergency vehicles coming in quickly.

Northville is a great community to call home and Greg’s Snow Removal LLC is proud to be able to serve the commercial and industrial companies who reside here. If your business is in Northville and you want reliable and timely snow plow, snow removal and ice management services, give us a call to set up your free estimate.