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Surrounded by the vibrant and thriving communities of Canton, Livonia and Plymouth, Westland is that Detroit suburb that makes living in the suburbs great. Westland averages around 40 inches of snow per year with about three-quarters of it falling in the winter months. This means the chances of seeing snow can begin as early as October in the fall and go into May. Although rare to see snowfall that late, the spring of 2016 did see a wild weekend of weather dropping inches of the white stuff – golfers were not amused by it. When you have a seasonal contract with Greg’s Snow Removal LLC or your business prefers a per-push service, you can trust us to be at your location and plowing your parking lots, using calcium chloride to melt ice on the sidewalks and walkways, and keeping the area safe, even in the late spring.

Westland’s history dates back centuries. Although settlers did not begin putting down roots until around 1824, they frequently came through on their way to western destinations and traded with the Potawatomi natives and Algonquian tribes beginning in the early 19th century. Westland had many transitions from this point onward. It started as Bucklin County which encompassed many of the cities nearby today. The county began to split, changed names, became townships and then cities like Livonia officially split in 1835 followed by Wayne, Inkster and Garden City over the next century. Originally named Nankin after the city of Nanking in China, Westland was finally adopted as the official city name when it was incorporated in 1966 after Livonia attempted to annex the territory.

Most figure Westland received its name from being in the western part of the suburbs but it was actually named after the Westland Shopping Mall which still exists today. The Westland Shopping Mall has over 100 stores and four anchor stores along with restaurants along the perimeter. When it comes to the harsh winters, taking care of these large parking lots are crucial to keeping customers safe and commerce flowing. Our dedicated team of professionals have access to the top of the line equipment to take care of properties of all sizes. No mall parking lot is too big and no nursing home lot is too small. If you need reliable snow plow and salting services in Westland, contact Greg’s Snow Removal LLC.

To learn about the city of Westland, many check out the Westland Historic Village Park which seeks to preserve the history of Nankin Township, Westland and Wayne County General Hospital which also became known as the Eloise Complex. The Wayne County General Hospital operated from as early as 1839 as a poor house and a farm before becoming a hospital and asylum.

There is a lot to do in Westland and residents love calling this city their home. There is an H2O Splash Zone to help cool off on the hottest days of the summer and the Mike Modano Ice Arena for those wanting to skate, learn how to play hockey or have the ultimate birthday party all year long.

Westland continues to grow and push for progress too. The Shop & Dine District is a large private investment championed by the city with major businesses like MJR Theatre, Target, Meijer, Westland Shopping Mall and many others helping to continue to develop a clean and safe community. These investments are bringing more businesses to Westland and making it a more attractive place to call home. The new Westland City Hall and Savini Fire Station are also investments designed to show how great it is to live and work in Westland.

At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we love working in Westland and watching it evolve and become more successful. Whether it’s a fenced-in factory that needs snow removed completely from the property so their trucks can keep things moving or the restaurant parking lot that wants to ensure its employees and customers can safely make it indoors, we have the equipment and reputation for getting the job done before the doors open in the morning.

Westland is the tenth largest city in the state of Michigan and its 84,000+ residents are part of a big city that retains a small town type of charm. Mayor Wild had dubbed Westland the “All-American City” and strives to be a Compassionate City. This means the government and its citizens support causes that better humanity including Relay for Life events, Mission Green to promote a cleaner community and climate, and a Biggest Loser-inspired weight loss regimen where 300 residents actively started to live a healthier lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want to have the honor of working in Westland? At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve the businesses that make Westland a great place to be. If you need commercial snow removal or plowing and ice management services in Westland, give us a call to set up time for a free estimate.