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Greg’s Snow Removal LLC has been servicing the Wixom area for decades – if you require commercial snow plowing services, give us a call. Wixom a great small city with many thriving businesses situated in industrial parks and lots of new homes being built. Located just west of Novi, Wixom continues to grow and is becoming a more attractive place to call home.

Like many communities in the metro Detroit area, Wixom was settled around 1830 but did not really begin to thrive until the railroad tracks ran through town. Having a depot within Wixom helped make the place easier to access and conduct business. Recognizing the need for agriculture in the sprawling urban centers during the industrial revolution a man named Willard Wixom along with other notable citizens of the area started shipping the fruits, vegetables and grains to the cities where factory works could have access to farm foods. The driving force behind Wixom becoming an incorporated city was the decision for Ford to build its Wixom Assembly Plant in the 1950’s. Ford made the choice at this location because of its proximity to the railroads and the expressway.

In 2015, Menard’s opened up a store right off the I-96 freeway in what used to be the location of the Wixom Assembly Plant. General RV also built a headquarters where the plant’s location had been. The Wixom Assembly Plant was razed in the early 2010’s to make room for businesses and corporations eager to build like Menard’s and General RV had; there is still plenty of land for development. The Wixom Assembly Plant used to produce the Lincoln LS, the Ford Thunderbird, the Ford GT and the Lincoln Town Car, and officially shut down in 2007 after nearly 50 years in operation.

When you have massive parking lots like the ones Wixom’s Meijer’s, Menard’s or General RV has, it can be a challenging task to keep it clean in the wintertime especially if the snow falls during the daytime. At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we are available 24/7 to take care of any situation and to guarantee your parking lot is cleared so your customers and employees feel safe walking from their cars and into your stores. When you need your parking lot plowed during the day we will take care of the aisleways and walkways and follow it up with the proper level of ice management. Once the business is closed, we can return to remove the remaining snow that was unreachable due to parked cars.

There are many businesses headquartered in Wixom. The industries vary greatly from electronics to auto supplies to disc golf makers and the environment is friendly for more companies to come in and call Wixom their home. Over the years we have loved working in Wixom and seeing how the industrial parks have been filling up as new construction continues to make Wixom a modern and great place to work.

Along with new businesses arriving, there are many new citizens settling down in Wixom as well. New construction homes and condos are being built giving many folks and families the opportunity to call Wixom their home. At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we have plenty of customers who own apartment buildings and need their parking lots cleaned so the residents can head out to work safely. We will clear the lot, streets and take care of the sidewalks and walkways with calcium chloride in order to provide the right level of ice management. Our on-time service means your complexes will be in good shape as quickly as possible. If we are getting consistent snow, we have no problem returning more than a few times until the job is done and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Wixom also has a nice downtown area where the library, city hall and police station are located. This area has serene fountains and benches for those looking to relax and the downtown square is known for hosting events throughout the summer including a concert series and activities for the kids. It’s a nice location to spend an evening filled with locally-owned restaurants. Right down the street from downtown Wixom are community staples like the Purple Door Store showcasing local vendors year-round and the Wixom Wire-House.

There are also plenty of nice areas to take a stroll. Wixom has a few great outdoor areas including Gunnar Mettala Park, Gibson Park and the Wixom Habitat. The Wixom Habitat is a 292-acre nature preserve with a wooden bridge allowing folks to discover the various flora and fauna that live here.

Greg’s Snow Removal LLC can bring its reliable services to any business in Wixom. From self-storage complexes that need cleared roads so customers can reach their storage units to the restaurant that requires an ice-free path from the parking lot, up the walkway and to their front door, keep your business running with a company that has been doing it since 1991 – call Greg’s Snow Removal LLC to set up your free estimate today.