Snow Removal Canton MI

Some years Canton and the metro Detroit area are bombarded with snow while other years it is light accumulation dropping only a few inches at a time. We have built Greg’s Snow Removal LLC with the goal of providing excellent and timely customer service so that we can be one of the best snow removal companies and snow plowing companies in the area. When you are in need of commercial snow plowing, put the trust of your property and the safety of your employees and customers into the highly-trained hands of Greg’s Snow Removal LLC.

If you need snow plowing in Canton MI, we can help keep your lot cleaned. However, there are times that we have to deal with limits due to a lack of space or because the area is fenced in which means plow service is not the best approach. In this case, snow removal in Canton MI is the way to go. Approximately one-quarter to one-third of our clients request to have snow removed.

Who needs snow removal as opposed to commercial snow plowing?

•    Commercial and industrial complexes with tight spaces.

•    Parking lots that are small

•    Lots that are fenced in preventing snow plow companies from pushing the snow beyond its borders.

Our snow plowing in Canton MI services will often push the snow into a frequently unused part of the parking lot, but we recognize that every facility is different and so is the space we have access to. This is one of the reasons we like to sit down and discuss what is needed with the companies we do business with - every facility and their needs are different. Our customized service means our vehicles will ensure your lot is in good shape and the snow is removed even after the heaviest snowfall.

When it comes to snow plow companies and snow removal companies, you will find that Greg’s Snow Removal LLC is the reliable, trustworthy and highly-professional crew you can count on to keep your parking lot, walkways, aisleways and sidewalks snow and ice free.

Our on-time approach to customer service means your lot and property will be cleared before the start of business so that employees can head in without trudging through 6 inches of freshly fallen snow. If the storm continues through the workday, our trucks will return if necessary so that your business operates without any delays.

For commercial snow plowing and snow removal in Canton MI, we have the most advanced vehicles and equipment on hand to take care of any job. All of our equipment is maintained and up-to-date to ensure maximum efficiency and so you can depend on us to complete the job. Once we discover a new technologically-advanced way to approach snow removal, we replace our old methods with the new ones. With our extensive fleet of vehicles, even if one breaks down, we will always be able to have everything we need on our end to clear the snow and remove it from your property.

Some of our advanced equipment and vehicles include:

•    Loaders to help pick up the heavy snow quickly.

•    Dump trucks to haul it away from your property.

•    Salters so ice and slush can be removed so your employees and/or customers can safely enter your doors.

With this type of equipment and much more on our premises, you can see how we can guarantee our work 100% regardless of the size of the lot or the amount of snow the latest storm front dropped in our area.

We offer two different services to accommodate your business: per-push and seasonal. Per-push is when you pay per push without being under contract. Seasonal puts you on contract with us so we are at your business removing snow right when you need it every time. And we are always on-time so you can rest assured that your employees will arrive to a lot that is cleared and your trucks and service vehicles are capable of heading onto the road when you need them to be.

At Greg’s Snow Removal LLC, we pride ourselves on being thorough and we work fast and efficiently. By investing in our snow removal Canton MI service, whether we have a few inches of snow or a major storm system dropping a foot of the white stuff, we guarantee we will remove the snow quickly from your property.

Along with snow removal, we can salt and provide ice management for parking lot as well as the sidewalks and walkways. Our complete snow removal service will give you the peace-of-mind you need when the winter months are upon us. For dependable snow removal in Canton MI call Greg’s Snow Removal LLC.